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Exhibition service

Exhibition service

Only the customer care is up to you...

Product description

We will prepare your trade fair stall or presentation in a very detailed way so that you coud put your mind to the work itself.


Do you want to come to a ready-made and equipped stall? Is a unique company design important to you? You don’t have much time and you don’t fancy to put your mind into the preparation of the stall and receiving the individual items from various suppliers? Then you give us the information about the aim of your participation at the trade fair, the description of the target groups who is the exhibition aimed to and the maximum price of the stall. We guarantee the rest! The design of your advertisement stall including the architectonic and technical data, according to the rented area and your intentions. We will implement the turn-key stall - from the building of the standardized parts to the furnishing, getting utensils, provision of the service lines, flower decoration, communication with the fair trade organizer (also abroad), to delivering the give-away gift items, printed materials and drinks straightaway to your stall. We will also ensure the graphic design of all the foil signs and their application at the stall, the services during the fair trade (cleaning, security, insurance of the stall), disassembling of the stall and transporting the required parts and materials to your company.

In terms of the exhibition service it is also possible to order additional services like for example press conferences, designing the invitations and delivery them to your clients, hostesses for your stall, questionnaire researches, evaluation of the event, statistic processing of the data from the trade fair.

Advantages for you

  • communication with one supplier who knows you well and advices you well

  • very detailed service

  • ideas that work

  • years of experience with trade fairs

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Contact person

Mgr. Dagmar Koskubová, production
phone: +420 774 484 857; +420 378 771 226


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Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

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