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Original Christmas cards

Original Christmas cards

So that your card wouldn’t be just one of the common... pf08

Product description

We will produce your card with the original graphic design or photograph in your company design and then we will send this card to the addresses you wish.


Do you need a card that corresponds with your corporate design? You don’t only want to have printed your logo on a preprinted chromotype? Do you like original photos and drawings? Do you want to have your own original text?


In addition to the original Christmas card you can also order the envelopes in your company design, printing the labels with the addresses and sending to your clients.

Advantages for you

  • the guarantee that nobody else will have the same cards

  • Christmas cards that will support your company image

  • the original and witty Christmas card is often kept by the customers

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Contact person

Mgr. Dagmar Koskubová, production

phone: +420 378 771 226; +420 774 484 857

Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

Tel./fax: +420 377 227 701
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