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Trade journals

Trade journals

Media that make your customer to become your partner...

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Do you need to say more than only the information about what you produce? The customers have full bins of brochures and they still purchase from your competitors? Good knowledge is the base of confidence. Give your customers a chance to get you know well!


We can produce your trade journal in a way that your customers would enjoy to read and it would take you only a minimum time to participate on the preparation. We dispose of experienced editors, photographers, proofreaders, typographers and graphic designers. We will create a layout of the journal, arrange the print and distribution and all the legal obligations for you.


You can choose from a variety of formats and types of magazines. The most frequently used format is A4 and A5 but it is possible to choose any size of format. The print can be full-colour or one-colour, you can even publish your own newspapers...


Advantages for you

  • a free copy of your magazine brings the news from your branch straight to your client’s desk

  • a customer tends to open the magazine much more often then a brochure

  • you choose the design and the content by yourself

  • the magazine improves your image

  • the magazine informs about the topical events happening in your company, about products and services, news... and all of that in the same print-out

  • the magazine supports the loyalty of your customers


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Contact person

Mgr. Dagmar Koskubová, production

phone: +420 378 771 226; +420 774 484 857

Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

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