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  • We provide high-quality services in the field of both external and internal communication

  • We react flexibly to customers´ requirements 

  • The customers are our longterm partners - we are interested in their opinions and we develop our services on the base of their requirements

  • Our priority during the services for customers is optimal fulfilment of their needs

  • The better we get to know customer´s needs, the better we can fulfil them

  • We react quickly on customer´s requirements and we are ready to offer him the whole range of our products

  • All the time we are searching for high-quality and price-advantageous sources so that we could provide high-quality services for good prices to the customer   

  • We help the customers to develop themselves 

  • We work on ourselves and improve ourselves all the time

  • We respect our customer´s loyalty while they order from us next time


Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

Tel./fax: +420 377 227 701
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