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Adult education

Adult education

During the whole lifetime our company has had the aim to improve the quality and enlarging the offer of the services in the adult education section.
We think that in the life of the current society is the lifetime education a necessity and we try hard to prepare high-quality educational products made-to-measure for our clients.

The aim of the educational events:

  • Improve the communication skills of the participants
  • Motivate the participants to better personal activity
  • Help the participants to find their own skills that help the professional output
  • To prepare the participants for the negotiation with the clients
  • To provide the motivation base for the further self-education
  • Teambuild the working collectives and teams
  • Motivate the participants to the active assertion of the obtained knowledge in practice


In the approach of our teachers we emphasise the following elements:

  • Interactive teaching
  • Modeling of the dramatic situations and their consequent analyses
  • Work with the camera - recording and result analysing
  • Digital camera documentation
  • Key studies
  • Reminder cards
  • Tests and their evaluation
  • Games
  • Interviews



When you want a highly effective course


Maybe because you are overloaded with information, you don´t have time to read the handbooks and it is easier for you to listen to a brief presentation with examples.

One day spent together is equal to many instructions and guidelines about the communication at the workplace.

The offered trainings are interactive, during the course is recorded and assessed the performing of the participants; the lessons are usually performed in the form of play and drama.

Travel to the course away from the workplace where the participants will not be disturbed even by their co-workers...

To create a group that will be meeting up even after the end of the course, to create

the mutual relationships, support and contact with the others.

We are customer-oriented, the offer of the courses is flexible!
At company courses the enterprises choose according to their particular needs the topic of the seminar (e.g. "Promoting changes in the enterprise"), to which our specialists made a suitable syllabus and textbook. This standard sylabus is possible to modify as the customer wishes. After the modifications and approval of the syllabus is stated the optimum length and the repeating of the seminar, eventually the consecutive seminars. It is also possible to choose from the further-stated tematic areas which can be combined.
The price of the course is stated individually - according to its lenght and demandingness of the preparation. In case of repeating it is possible to negotiate a discount.
Every participant gets written materials for the training and a small present.
In case of need it is possible to make a plan for a certain period, in which it is needed to achieve a result in the change in people´s behaviour.


  • professional
  • experienced
  • comunicative
  • willing to pass know-how
  • frank
  • optimistic
  • witty

Grafia, Ltd. organizes working meetings dealing with a particular topics.
For example regular meetings of the personnel managers club are an interesting platform for both exchanging the opinions and obtaining new information from the branch.

In case of need it is possible to make a plan for a certain period, in which it is needed to achieve a result in the change in people´s behaviour.
Would you like to participate next time? Would you like to have regular information about arranging these events? Are you interested in organising a similar meeting with the professionals? Grafia will arrange everything necessary for you (contacts, sending invitations, premises, programme, refreshment, accommodation) and you will just take part!


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Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

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