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Work diagnostics


Work diagnostics helps to get to know the personality
of a particular person in a better way

Brief description of the product:

It is an instrument that helps the HR managers to get to know the personality of a client in a better way and thereby to choose the best candidate for a particular possition.


Description of the product:

Through work diagnostics can the HR managers learn much more then only the facts that the client tells them during the job interview and states in the CV. For the companies where the clients who passed the work diagnostics apply for the job, can the results together with the conclusions and the recommendation be the clue for deeper understanding the applicant and the instrument for getting know whether he / she is a suitable one or not for a particular working possition.

The result of the evaluation is a psychologic profile in the for of a written report - protocol. It consists of 3 main parts:

1. Profile - the evaluation of variable written up into a well-arranged table where is clear in which characteristics is the client average and in which he / she diverges to possitive or negative deviations.

2. Conclusion - main characteristics of the client expressed in words. It is a very important part, sort of a "core" of the work diagnostics.

3. Recommendation - includes the direction and possibilities of the client´s work orientation, examination of the suitability or unsuitability for the particular profession.

While reading the protocole from work diagnostics it is not enough to take a look at "crossed facts" in the profile but it is especialy necessary to read also the conclusion where is the core of the whole diagnostics. Some of the qualities are not quite clear from the profile but they result from the combination of more partial qualities - for example the client is trying to appear in better light, some of the qualities can derogate and the other overemphasize although he / she doesn´t have them. Another time from the overall evaluation can result that the client tends to solve some of the problematic situations through some alternative ways (e.g. habit-forming processes). Sometimes during the work diagnostics we can meet even such clients who would need the care of another specialists (e.g. clinic psychologists or psychiatrists).

User´s advantantages:

  • for personalists:
    - the instrument for better understanding the person

    - more information than during the job interview

    - both positive and negative qualities (nobody is ideal)
    - can be a certain "warning"
    - submits the expectation

  • for the unemployed / job applicants:
    - the help for better orientation for every applicant

    - possibility to consider both strong and weak points

    - enlarging the possibility to find another work


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