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Printed materials service

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 Without worries what is working

  Product descriptiton

We will prepare for you all the necessary printed materials and we will lead their evidence.

Reguarly we will connect with your storehouse to check your necessary reserves and eventually we will reprint the missing items.

We will draw your attention to the eventual up-dating and we will inform you in time.

We will ensure the set of your printed materials will have your company design (invoices, headed papers, business cards, folders, order forms, duplicating papers, templates, envelopes with company logo, invitations...), we will work out graphic design of everything, send it to you for proofreading, print it and deliver straight to your office. There is a possibility to reprint any consumer printed materials whenever you need.


Advantages for users

  • communication with one supplier who knows you well and advices you well

  • simplification of all the works around the printed materials thanks to a long-term archivation of the orders

  • thanks to the archive of the orders is everthing always available

  • prints of small series in full colour design

  • language versions of your prints also in small editions

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  Contact person

Mgr. Dagmar Koskubová, production
phone: +420 378 771 226; +420 774 484 857

Nearest events

For great interest we organized another strategic meeting dealing with the project Vzdělávejte se! (Educate yourselves!)    
in the end of August 2009. We will inform you about the next session on this website.

Tel./fax: +420 377 227 701
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